Ellis McGuire

Commissions ♦ Limited Edition Prints

Exposed at an early age to a wide range of music and movie genres, my passion for drawing ignited during year 10 of secondary school as I explored this love of iconic moments in film and famous faces by replicating them on paper.

Inspired by Mark Powell and my motherís own work (pointillism using a very fine, black ink pen), I adopted the biro as my style of delivery, and you can clearly see the evolution of technique through my portfolio.

In a very short period, I have completed numerous commissions for friends and colleagues, not only of iconic figures but also their loved ones - human and furry.

My ambition, going forward, is to continue with the representative commissions whilst establishing a more personally inspired avenue of artwork and developing limited edition print collections for the discerning movie or music buff.

Please check out this website and social media platforms, where you can witness me in action and see the progression of a piece over time.

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